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Oil/water separators

Efficient, cost-effective disposal of compressor condensate

Most responsible users of compressed air are already aware that the condensate produced by their machines is classified as hazardous industrial waste and therefore must be disposed of responsibly. Having condensate disposed of by a licenced waste carrier can be expensive but discharging oily waste into the water system is illegal and carries substantial fines. Installing an oil/water separator is a cost-effective alternative that allows you to comply with the Water Resources Act 1991 and to meet your other environmental responsibilities. This allows you to extract the oil from the condensate so that the water can just be poured away after being cleaned. BCAS offers wide range of oil/water separators and can advise on the best solution for your particular compressed air set-up. To find out more about how an oil/water separator can work for you, visit our dedicated web page or contact us at

For further information on how you can meet your environmental obligations as a user of compressed air, download a copy of our specialist guide: Read our Guide to Environmental Management in Compressed Air

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