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Oil-water separators

Ensure your company is disposing of your compressor condensate correctly with the help of the experts at BCAS Ltd. Call our office in Oxfordshire to learn more.

Oil-Water Separator

Helping you to meet your environmental compliance responsibilities

The Water Resources Act 1991 strictly prohibits the discharge of noxious waste into the water cycle and doing so carries a maximum fine of £20,000.


Compressed air contains a high volume of vaporised water, which cools to form a liquid condensate consisting of a mixture of dirty, oily water. This oily condensate is classified as hazardous industrial waste and therefore must be disposed of responsibly i.e., either collected by a licenced waste removal company or treated at source prior to disposal.


Unfortunately, waste disposal can be expensive as it is charged by volume. By installing an oil/water separator however, it is possible to remove residual oil from your compressor condensate, allowing you to safely discharge the cleaned waste into a sewage drain. This process also helps you to reduce your reliance on external providers, giving you greater control and reliability.


There are various techniques that are used to separate the oil from the water in compressed air condensate including adsorption, absorption, and gravitational and mechanical separation. Whichever method is used, oil/water separators (OWS) are simple to install, easy to maintain and are a cost-effective way of meeting your waste management obligations. BCAS Ltd can help you find the correct one.

The level of expertise you can trust

Based in Oxfordshire and with over 35 years in the industry, BCAS has extensive knowledge of compressed air and is ideally placed to give trustworthy advice on relevant legislative matters. This includes Pressure Equipment Regulations, air quality standards and Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR 2000), condensate management and written schemes of examination (WSE’s).


We are fully health and safety accredited with Safe Contractor and SafePQQ, as well as being Constructionline approved, so you can choose us with confidence. For advice, support or general enquiries, please feel free to get in touch.

Oil Water separation
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“We have used the services of BCAS on a number of clients' sites and found that they offer, not only vast amounts of experience in the services they provide, but are also an extremely professional company who bring excellence as standard. I would recommend BCAS to anyone who is serious in the search for professional compressed air services assistance and values customer services and delivery”

– Vinci Facilities, Yell

Stay compliant with a helping hand from BCAS. Call or email us today.

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