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Leak Detection in Compressed Air

Reduce the energy costs of a compressed air system with an air leak detection audit

Do you hear a hissing noise as you walk around your compressed air system? Of course, in the vast majority of cases this is not caused by a pet snake escaping onto the premises.
It is highly likely that this is the sound of air squeezing through numerous tiny leaks in your compressed air pipework. You can almost hear money being wasted through needless energy consumption caused by leaks.

The average leakage rate of a compressed air system is approximately 25% but some plants lose as much as 80% of their compressed air due to leaks. Compressed air equipment is a huge consumer of electricity and with energy prices currently increasing rapidly, ensuring your system is running as efficiently as possible has never been so important.
BCAS can carry out an audit to identify air leaks in your compressed air system and illustrate how much money they are costing you. We can also quote to repair the leaks so you can see how much you could save.

Having a leak detection audit carried out is more affordable than you might think and with energy prices increasing as they are, the payback period is now shorter than ever.
For a fast quotation or to find out more about any of our energy reduction initiatives, contact BCAS or download our Air Leak Detection overview.

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