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Invaluable advice for compressed air maintenance

Follow our easy steps to care for your air compressors, pumps and additional equipment, or contact BCAS Ltd for a full service.

Simple ways to protect your current system

For the most part, clients across Oxfordshire and across the South East have set-up their own maintenance and servicing plans with BCAS Ltd. This means regular, thorough inspections conducted by a team of factory-trainer engineers, all working to stringent manufacturer standards. However, between services we recommend taking a series of self-maintenance steps to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns and ensure your system continues to deliver optimal performance.

Check oil levels - top up regularly

Ensure the pre-filter and cooler are free of obstruction - blow through to clear if necessary

Use only genuine OEM parts - so-called 'compatible' parts can cause significant damage and will invalidate any warranty

Check condensate levels - if full, dispose of responsibly and legally

Visit our YouTube channel for further guidance on self-maintenance

Low duty running: Important information

Low duty running is when a compressor is run only for short periods and without reaching full operating temperatures. This type of use should be avoided as it can cause condensation build-up which can lead to emulsification of the oil and eventually, compressor failure. It is therefore essential to allow your compressor to reach operating temperature whilst ON LOAD on a regular basis.


In the event that your system does fail, BCAS Ltd provides a rapid breakdown response service, minimising any unexpected business interruptions. We recommend that you hold critical spares in stock to speed up the repair process. You could also consider purchasing a back-up for your main system, and again we can help with this. We have a great range of competitively priced, high-quality second-hand compressed air products available, simply get in touch to learn more about our full catalogue.

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“Excellent service provided. Kept me fully informed of when the work would commence and delivered on time. Would def use this company again.”

– Neal G, Yell

Helpful tips that prolong the life of your equipment. Need further advice? Give us a call.

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