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Refrigeration compressors

Save money without compromising, with our used compressors

Whether you're buying an air compressor on a budget or need a cost-effective back-up to your main system, BCAS can help. Learn more about our range of affordable, second-hand equipment, quality checked and stored at our facility in Oxfordshire.

A second-hand CompAir machine

Something for every requirement

BCAS Ltd is committed to making premium quality, necessary equipment accessible for all, whatever budget restrictions you may be working against. Our second-hand stock comprises units from a range of air compressor manufacturers, all carefully serviced and quality assured by our team of factory-trained engineers. To prevent delays, these are available for immediate dispatch from our premises in Oxfordshire, for delivery anywhere within the UK.

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Fluidair RS 5T
Fluidair RS 5T
  • 5.5kW

  • Screw air compressor mounted on 270L receiver

  • In used condition but working order

Don’t let your business get caught out

If you’re a business that relies on a continuous supply of compressed air for your operations, you need to ensure this is not at risk in the event of a system breakdown. Whilst our team of engineers provide rapid emergency response across Oxfordshire and the wider UK, we strongly recommend having back-up equipment to hand, just in case. With minimal investment you can avoid the cost and disruption of unexpected downtime.


Our second-hand range of units makes purchasing a back-up system less costly than you might think, offering the same quality you’d expect at a discounted rate. For information on the full catalogue of used compressors, contact our office today.

Overview of engineering factory floor
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“A good solid company with a wide variety of services and good communicators. Always available with advice and solutions to problems in my industrial environment, delivery of parts and services always prompt, in fact, BCAS are my 'get out of trouble' people.”

– Jeff R, Yell

With a great range of second-hand compressed air equipment, BCAS can help save your business money.

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