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TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Advice from BCAS’ air conditioning division, Scotford & Teasdale

TM44 Air conditioning inspections

Did you know that if your property has an air conditioning system with a combined cooling capacity of over 12kW, then by law, you must have a TM44 inspection in place? These inspections must be carried out every 5 years by an accredited, independent air conditioning energy assessor and a copy of the report should always be kept on site.

The purpose of a TM44 inspection is to provide a comprehensive report on the efficiency of an air conditioning system and guidance on how this can be improved. Inspections are a legal requirement and there are financial penalties for non-compliance.

If you have an environmental and sustainability plan in place, not only is compliance essential, it also helps to demonstrate your commitment to minimising your organisation’s impact on the environment.

To complete a TM44 inspection, an accredited energy assessor will visually examine your AC system and its controls and produce a report which includes:

  • The current efficiency of the system

  • The effectiveness of equipment maintenance

  • A sizing review

  • Advice on future improvements

  • Replacement advice if needed

  • Suggestions for improvement of installed controls and control settings

Recommendations are made to help you:

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Lower running costs

  • Decrease carbon emissions

  • Increase system longevity

When viewed with these gains in mind, TM44 can be thought of a necessary process that yields significant benefits down the line.

BCAS’ air conditioning team (Scotford & Teasdale Ltd) can perform an inspection for you using our fully qualified consultants. We can also implement any recommended requirements, if required.

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