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Safety in Compressed Air

Did you know, that compressed air can enter the navel through clothing and inflate and rupture the intestines?

It's not nice to hear but given that compressed air is often used to remove dust from work surfaces (and even in some cases, from operators’ clothing!) it is actually a very real danger.

And unfortunately, it’s just one of many. Used incorrectly, compressed air can cause serious and even fatal injuries. it is therefore vital for you and your team to be fully aware of the risks and how to avoid accidents.

BCAS has produced a free Safe Practice Guide with clear steps you and your colleagues can take to ensure that compressed air is used safely at your site. Not only will this guidance help you to protect your team, it can also assist with your Health and Safety training responsibilities.

A set of simple instructions can be a very effective tool when it comes to ensuring safe use and behaviour around compressed air:

You can download our handy guide in poster form here. We also have Safe Practice labels that can be applied to compressed air equipment as a constant reminder to users. For free copies of these please email us and we'll be happy to send some out to you.

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