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Safety and process - without compromise

This February, BCAS Ltd will be exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2024, in conjunction with our OEM partners, Gast Jun Air.

During the show, we will be demonstrating the various products and services that both BCAS and GAST offer, which enable us to provide a tailored air solution for each customer's specific, and sometimes challenging process.

Most organisations are aware of their responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for their employees. But within industry, it can sometimes be challenging to balance these with the technical needs of an application and the commercial requirements of a business.


Compressed air and vacuum specialists, BCAS Limited, believe that a holistic approach is needed to help customers find the best air solution for their specific application, incorporating reliability, with energy and cost efficiency, but always including the welfare and comfort of the operator.


As Gast Jun-Air’s partner for the South of England, BCAS has access to a broad range of air compressors, pumps, blowers, and air motors that can meet these complex requirements.


For example, pumps are often used to drive equipment such as turntables, fibreglass choppers, hoists and winches and mixing equipment. But some of these environments are challenging, sometimes dirty, dusty, hot, and even potentially hazardous.


Air motors are non-electrical devices, so they provide spark-free operation, which means that compared with liquid ring pumps, the likelihood of flammable gas ignition is greatly reduced, and safety is enhanced. Which is probably why Gast air motors are used in such a wide variety of industries, including pharma, advanced manufacturing, and food and beverage.


Safety and comfort are also key considerations when choosing compressed air equipment. For some environments, such as laboratories and medical settings, for the protection of users, patients and the integrity of a process, air must be clean and noise levels must be kept low.


The BCAS product range includes the compact Jun-Air 87R-4P air compressor, which runs at as low as 46 dB(A), (about the noise level of a domestic refrigerator) reducing the risk of damage to operators’ hearing and to those in the immediate vicinity. It also delivers a supply of oil-free air, making it safe to use where contamination must be kept to a minimum, such as healthcare and scientific research.


However, whilst these products offer additional safety, it is also paramount that equipment runs efficiently and cost-effectively. Your compressed air and vacuum advisor should be able to identify and provide a tailored solution that delivers optimal energy efficiency, caters for your future development, and sits within your budget parameters. It sounds like a tall order, but it can be done.


With over 35 years of compressed air and vacuum experience and access to Gast Jun-Air’s extensive product range, BCAS can help you get the balance right.

BCAS will be exhibiting with Gast Jun Air, at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics in Farnborough, from 6th-8th February. Order your free tickets at and come and join us on stand B245.

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