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Replace CO2 with nitrogen

Generate your own in-house supply of nitrogen gas

After a series of nationwide CO2 shortages, many processes, including food and beverage production, are moving towards nitrogen as a reliable and cost-effective alternative. By installing a nitrogen generator you can produce a reliable and secure source of N2 gas from your existing compressed air supply, protecting you from the supply and cost fluctuations of CO2 that can be so disruptive to your business.

A diverse range of manufacturing and engineering companies rely on nitrogen gas to keep their processes clean, dry and precise. For many years, the traditional way to obtain this useful gas was to order nitrogen bottles or cylinders that were delivered to your site.

However, using pressurised cylinders is typically the most expensive and inefficient method of using nitrogen gas. Today, many companies are making the switch to a more cost-effective, reliable choice: nitrogen generators.

Nitrogen generators can allow users to produce a reliable and secure source of nitrogen from an existing compressed air supply by simply removing oxygen and trace gasses from the air and concentrating nitrogen to a desired purity, ranging from 95% to 99.999%. Gas is then held in a lowpressure receiver tank and supplied on demand. Installing a nitrogen generator can increase profit, improve operational efficiency and sustainability and create a safer working environment.

The benefits:

Cost reduction

Can cost up to 80% less than ordering bottled nitrogen and having it delivered. Typical payback time is just 18-24 months. Furthermore, the cost of N² is subject to supply and demand volatility and can therefore fluctuate from month to month.


On-demand supply with no costly and potentially damaging interruptions – vital for some processes where a change in purity levels or drop in supply can significantly affect the integrity of the end product or result or where projects are time sensitive.


No need for scheduling deliveries and collections, raising purchase orders etc. Also avoids the possibility of delays caused by changing over bottles or running out of supply and having to wait for new deliveries.


Reduces the risk of manual-handling accidents caused by moving heavy cylinders. Nitrogen produced by a generator is supplied at low pressure making it considerably safer than storing highpressure N² cylinders. A leak from one of these bottles can cause serious injury and even asphyxiation.


Able to consistently produce nitrogen purity levels of 99.99%, avoiding the purity drop-off of cylinders and bottles as they reach the lower end of their capacity. Purity is controlled at source so can be set to whatever level is needed for each particular application.


The last 10-15% of the nitrogen in a bottle is essentially unusable, as it is not possible to withdraw it – meaning cylinders are returned with gas still within them, wasting both money and nitrogen. Producing nitrogen in-house also means fewer deliveries to site, which as well as being safer and faster, reduces your carbon footprint. In fact, producing gas at a nitrogen plant requires vast amounts of energy consumption – so generating it from your own compressed air system is considerably better for the environment.

Switch from bottled nitrogen gas to producing your own supply in-house and transform your process. BCAS supplies a wide range of nitrogen generators which can assist in gaining the maximum benefits from your compressed air system. As well as supply and installation, we can also fulfil your on-going maintenance and servicing needs. Contact BCAS for a free assessment of the potential cost-savings and pay-back period of a nitrogen generator in your particular application.

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