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Our compressed air energy expert

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

BCAS' energy efficiency superhero

Des could save you money.

If you use compressed air, you will also use a great deal of energy. But within many compressed-air setups there is scope to reduce energy consumption, sometimes significantly.

Which is where Des comes in.

Des is our Energy Efficiency Specialist at BCAS and has extensive experience of data logging and air leak detection in compressed air.

Together with Des, BCAS can help you to establish:

  • How much energy your equipment is using

  • Whether it’s correctly sized for your present and future requirements

  • Whether it’s using more energy than it should

  • Where the leaks are (every system has leaks) and how much they are costing

  • What you can do to reduce the energy usage of your compressor set-up.

To find out more about what you can do to maximise the efficiency of your compressed air system, contact us or download a copy of our guide.

Or speak to Des. He’ll be happy to put on his cape and come to the rescue!

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