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Energy efficient compressors

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Reduce your energy use with new technology from Gardner Denver

We are all aware of our responsibilities in the fight against climate change but with the current expectation that energy prices will continue to rise, it is more important than ever than businesses reduce their energy consumption.

For many industries, the supply of compressed air is a vital utility for their processes. However, it can also be one of the largest contributors to an application’s energy use.

There are many ways in which a compressed air system can be made more energy efficient but a very easy and cost-effective option is to replace existing, out-dated equipment with new, energy-efficient technology.

So if your compressor is starting to cost you money on repairs or downtime, it is well worth considering changing over to a new machine.

With this in mind, BCAS holds a number of Gardner Denver air compressors in stock and available for immediate despatch.

have been used throughout all sectors of industry sectors across the world, for over 50 years.


The Hydrovane rotary vane series is renowned for being reliable, versatile, energy-efficient and cost-effective, which is why their solutions have been used throughout all sectors of industry sectors across the world, for over 50 years.

Currently in stock at BCAS:

  • HV01 - Single phase

  • HV02 - Single & 3-phase

  • HV04 - 3-phase


CompAir has consistently been at the forefront of compressed air system development resulting in the most energy-efficient compressors on the market today.

Currently in stock at BCAS:

  • L04

  • L07

  • L11

  • L18

  • L22

For further information on any of these machines or other tips for improving the efficiency of your compressed air system, visit our website or contact the BCAS team:

01491 821 737

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