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Compressed Air Courses

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Understanding Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR 2000 S.I.128)

At BCAS we are always looking at ways to support our compressed air customers in meeting their legal, environmental and health and safety obligations.

As members of the British Compressed Air Society, we have access to a range of training courses, which we can extend to our compressed air customers.

One of our customers recently took advantage of this facility, with several team members completing the Understanding Pressure Systems Safety Regulations ( PSSR 2000 S.I.128 ) online learning programme.

This blended learning workshop covers the Written Scheme of Examination in relation to compressed air systems. It provides knowledge of the Pressure Systems' Safety Regulations (S.I 2000 No 128), related standards and codes of practice.

The scope of PSSR 2000 covers a range of activities concerning compressed air equipment. All companies that fall under the criteria of the UK Regulations must have various parts of the pressure system inspected and certified, while owners and users must also document repairs and modifications to ensure safety.

New designs for any pressure system must be approved, then constructed and installed safely. Maintenance and training are key parts of PSSR 2000 to ensure systems are “Maintained so as to Prevent Danger” and that all parties involved in operating the systems understands any risks and emergency procedures.

The British Compressed Air Society course involves a self-study, e-learning module, followed by a virtual classroom session with a PSSR expert to cement learning, dispel myths and understand the most frequently asked questions.

The course is completed with an online examination and can be used towards the examiner qualification,

For more information on this course and on any other training offered by the British Compressed Air Society, visit their website at:

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