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Nitrogen gas generators supplied and maintained by one expert team

Whether you are looking to invest in a nitrogen generator for the first time or need to replace an existing model, based in Oxfordshire, BCAS Ltd can advise on the best on-site nitrogen gas equipment for your needs.

CompAir nitrogen generator

Set-up a cost-effective, reliable and safe in-house nitrogen supply

A diverse range of manufacturing and engineering companies rely on nitrogen gas to keep their processes clean, dry and precise. For many years, the traditional way to obtain nitrogen was to buy it in bottles and cylinders, which were rented out and had to be stored, monitored, changed over, returned and re-ordered. This process was costly, inconvenient and hazardous. However, many companies have made the move to nitrogen generators, allowing them to produce a reliable, secure source of gas from their existing compressed air supply.


Generating nitrogen on site can reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and sustainability, whilst creating a safer working environment for your employees. BCAS supplies nitrogen generators from a range of brands including Nano, Parker and Gardner Denver. Contact us for a free assessment of the potential cost savings and pay-back period of a nitrogen generator within your specific application. Further information is also available.

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Nano’s series of generators offer a safe, reliable alternative to bottled nitrogen gas. These cost-effective systems ensure a high-purity supply, allowing users to produce nitrogen in-house at a lower cost for their intended application. Nano is a reputed name amongst the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, providing integrated systems that offer significant energy savings.

What benefits could you see?

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Reduced costs

  • Reliable supply

  • Purity control

  • Convenience

  • Enhanced safety

  • Minimal waste

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“We have worked together with BCAS for over 7 years and could not ask any more of them as a supplier! They have always listened and responded to our requirements, providing reliable and timely solutions to meet our business needs. In the rare cases where we have needed urgent support they have been extremely responsive and resolved the issue with minimal impact to our business. The service staff they employ are always diligent and helpful during their time on site, always ensuring that they complete the work to a high standard, as quickly as possible. We look forward to a continuing our trading relationship with BCAS for many years to come”

– Tom B, Yell

To find out how a nitrogen gas generator could benefit your process, contact our Oxfordshire-based experts today.

01491 821737

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