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Air duct for extraction and air conditioning

Air compressor heat recovery to harness wasted energy

Producing compressed air generates a large amount of heat, the vast majority of which is released into the atmosphere. Covering Oxfordshire and the South East, BCAS can help you to harness this wasted energy and reduce costs.

Utilise the heat energy generated by your air compressor

BCAS Ltd is committed to helping customers get the most efficient use of their compressed air equipment and a heat recovery system can be a key element of this.


Between approximately 80 and 90% of the energy used to produce compressed air, is converted to heat. This is released into the surrounding area meaning at the very least it is wasted and at worst, it creates further expense as the working environment then has to be cooled, using addition additional electricity.

Installing a heat recovery system allows you to harness this heat and use it to generate hot water and heating systems, and within other areas of the application process.

Utilise every step in the air compression process

Within a normal set-up, the heat produced by your compressor is removed by a cooling fan. We simply recover this heat and use it elsewhere. BCAS can provide a factory-fitted, integrated heat recovery system or retrofit an existing compressed air set-up, including all pipework and fittings. Either way, installation is usually very straightforward and the low investment costs can result in long-term savings.

System of ventilating pipes at a modern factory
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“We have used BCAS Limited for over 20 years to supply and service our compressed air systems. BCAS are a great company to work with, they always get the job done on time and with no fuss, their customer support is second to none, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable and reliable provider.”

– Peter W, Yell

To find out whether heat recovery could work for you, call or email. We’ll conduct a full analysis to recommend the best option for you.

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