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High-quality dryers and receivers for air compressors

Premium brands, competitive prices and solutions to fit all your compressed air downstream equipment needs. Make BCAS your preferred supplier for compressed air across Oxfordshire and the South East.

CompAir receiver-dryer

The quality you’d expect from a name you can trust

For the reliable supply of clean, dry compressed air, systems often require further ancillary equipment. These can include refrigerant and desiccant dryers, air receivers, filters and condensate waste management control, depending on your specific set-up and application needs.

Our premium OEM products are designed to effectively and efficiently remove oil, water and dirt particles, keeping your system working optimally for as long as possible. We'll help you find the right downstream equipment to deliver a reliable and cost-effective solution, tailored to your specific needs. We also provide a highly beneficial maintenance and servicing program, keeping your equipment in check throughout the year. 

What can you expect from BCAS Ltd?

  • A comprehensive range of premium refrigerant dryers, desiccant dryers and membrane dryers.

  • A superb range of high-quality OEM filters and drains readily available

  • Dependable, professional advice on the supply of clean, dry compressed air

  • Expert installation carried out by our qualified team

  • Ongoing servicing and maintenance

  • Unlimited, knowledge-led support based on over 35 years’ experience

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“We called upon the services of BCAS to address a complex compressor issue, with extremely tricky access. Steve Pritchard promptly came up with a quick and workable solution, at a VERY affordable price. A full pre-install survey was undertaken. On day of install, Steve and the team arrived promptly, and within a short time, all was up and running. A very slick, professional, responsive and very intelligent team, who have surpassed my expectations repeatedly. Very impressed, and HIGHLY recommended!”

– Maroon R, Yell

For refrigerant dryers, desiccant dryers, air receivers and so much more, contact BCAS Ltd today.

01491 821737

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