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Data logging: the foundation to energy efficiency in compressed air

Logging the performance of your compressed air system is a crucial first step in improving efficiency and energy consumption. Covering the whole of the South East, BCAS can help.

Helping you to operate at maximum efficiency

With increasing energy costs, carbon emission levies and other environmental obligations, improving the energy efficiency of your compressed air system has never been more important. Compressed air equipment is a significant consumer of electricity and usually accounts for at least 15% of a plant's energy use. But of course, in order to reduce your energy usage, you need to be able to assess how much you use, how much is wasted and how it can be saved.


Our data loggers incorporate high-quality sensors to collect and store information relating to a system's pressure, current and flow rate. Using the latest software technology we are able to analyse, chart, graph and prepare professional audit reports, allowing us to measure the true power of a system and calculate energy costs accurately.


To find out more about why data logging is so important and how it can be used to help ensure your compressed air system is as energy efficient as it can be, download a copy of our Data Logging guide here.

Introducing iConn

As part of our continued commitment to providing our customers with a comprehensive and pro-active service, BCAS is now offering iConn, a new technology from Gardner Denver, that allows your Compair compressor to be monitored remotely, generating insight and statistics on the performance of your compressed air system.

iConn units can be retro fitted to existing Compair compressors. Simply contact our sales team to learn more.

The key benefits of iConn are:

Reduced risk of downtime – iConn can identify potential issues before they become a problem, so that steps can be taken to avoid costly breakdowns.

Peace of mind – this new technology allows BCAS Ltd to remotely monitor the performance of your compressed air system, so that you don’t have to.

Cost-saving - iConn measures a compressor’s running hours, meaning we can ensure your equipment is serviced at exactly the right time, not more often than necessary, but not later than it should be.

Abstract Structure

“My company, British Motor Heritage Ltd, had got into a major manufacturing problem as our essential compressors had both broken down. BCAS had a suitable replacement in stock, and the purchase, supply and fitting were all completed in a very timely and efficient manner.
BCAS are an excellent company to do business with.”

– John Y, Yell

If you’d like to explore the benefits of data logging, call or email us. Our office in Oxfordshire is open Mon-Fri.

01491 821737

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