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Compressed air pressure valve

Air leak detection in compressed air

Reduce the energy costs of your compressed air system with an air leak detection audit from BCAS.

Air leak detector tool

A single 3mm diameter leak can cost up to £600 a year

All compressed air systems have leaks. The average leakage rate of is approximately 25% but some plants lose as much as 80% of their compressed air due to leaks.

While it may not be practical to eliminate all leaks, it is not difficult to greatly reduce and minimise them. The percentage lost to leakage should be less than 10% of your total compressed air production. A well-maintained system with a proactive leak detection programme in place should allow you to achieve this.

Detect, repair, save.

BCAS engineers use the latest ultrasonic testing equipment to identify and quantify all air leaks, many of which are imperceptible to the human ear.

Once a system has been logged and leaks have been tagged, a detailed report is produced outlining the extent of the losses and the recommended works.

And if you wish, BCAS can then carry out the necessary leak repairs. In fact, BCAS can manage the entire process for you and can even incorporate it into an overall energy efficiency programme for your compressed air system.

Leak Detection tool in use
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“We required a company to maintain our plant assets in the form of compressors. BCAS Ltd have proved to be an excellent choice, we recently required an engineer to call to site and diagnose a fault and carry out repairs to enable the plant to keep running. From our first initial call at 8.15 am, and on other previous occasions, BCAS staff immediately took ownership through people like Helen, Hannah and Molly, assuring me that an engineer would be on there way as soon as possible to look at the fault. Engineers who also visit the site for maintenance and call outs are also very friendly and pleasant. Are overall experience of BCAS is outstanding”

– Lawrence W, Yell

Fast return on investment

To find out more about the causes of compressed air leaks and how a detection audit can help you to make significant savings with a short payback period, download a copy of our Air Leak Detection Overview or contact our Sales team today.

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