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Air conditioning installation underway

Air conditioning system installation

BCAS carries out air conditioning installations throughout Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Contact the BCAS for a free site survey to identify the right solution to your organisation’s air conditioning needs.

Over 35 years' specialist experience

Expert advice and support

Working with
premium brands

Full health and safety accredited

An essential addition to the workplace

With the impact of climate change becoming increasingly apparent and disruptive, commercial air conditioning has moved from a luxury facility to an essential function within many workplaces.


When you need a new air conditioning system, you want a specialist who will ensure your system is configured to run as effectively as possible, according to your specific needs and environment. At BCAS, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide a comprehensive service, including system design, equipment supply and installation, and on-going preventative maintenance.


Our technicians are all highly trained and skilled, having expert knowledge of virtually all modern systems. We have the experience and knowledge required for specialist installations including controlled environments.

Our customers

We have installed air conditioning systems within the following settings and more:

  • Offices

  • Server rooms

  • Hospitals

  • Retail spaces

  • Leisure centres

  • Hotels

  • Laboratories

  • Restaurants

We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality air conditioning products and service. That’s why we are partnered with premium manufacturers and distributors who supply equipment that is durable, safe to use and cost effective.

Air conditioning system installation
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“We have been using BCAS Ltd., for installation and servicing of our various compressors for over 30 years. In all that time I have found their engineers and office staff to be friendly, efficient and always ready to help in a timely fashion with the inevitable mechanical problems.
I would not hesitate to recommend BCAS.”

Contact the BCAS team for advice on the best air conditioning system for your workplace.

01491 821737

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